Food That Feeds the Mind

More than Modern Medicine

Living intelligently means more than simply cultivating your intellect. Equally important is the ability to call on your intuition and trust the inner wisdom that only you possess. Food that Feeds Your MInd  is uniquely and simply created to  allow you to reclaim your vibrant energy at every level of your experience:  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Food that Feeds Your Mind is uniquely designed to reawaken the lost connections with your own, inner knowing. Based on cutting-edge Western nutritional neuroscience and ancient Eastern ayurvedic principles, this program can help you reclaim your vibrant energy at every level of experience: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


This innovative seminar is available in both a one-day and a weekend format: you choose what best fits your requirements and lifestyle. Either way, Dr. Taylor will work with you to develop a program specifically addressed to your own needs. No matter where you’re starting from, you’ll be able to apply these easy-to-learn principles and techniques to your life in ways that nourish and further your personal choices and aspirations.


Food That Feeds Your Mind  will help you discover:

·      three levels of nutrition for the mind

·      four steps of digestion for both the body and the mind

·      practices for detox and nourishing the mind

·      techniques for enhancing concentration and memory

·      nutrients and herbs that nurture an active, vital mind



This seminar is offered at:

·      Himalayan Institute, Honesdale, PA*