Food that Feeds the Mind

More than Modern Medicine
Woman holding bowl with lotus flower

Everyone wants a resilient and vital mind? The mind, like the body needs the right nutrients as well as the capacity to digest them. Join Susan in this powerful exploration of the three levels of nutrition that feed the mind. Learn how to select foods based on your biochemistry while protecting yourself from the negative components of today’s food supply.

This event combines the knowledge of the gross and subtle elements of food into the 4 steps of digestion along with specific practices for enhancing nourishment and detoxification.

In this seminar we learn to:

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your mind Identify the three levels of nutrition to feed the mind Identify what qualities of food and impressions are needed to support your mind body and brain
  • Correlate the process of physical digestion with mental digestion
  • Create a take home daily vitality planner