Meditation and Its Practices

Foundation Skills to Build and Support Your Meditation Practice
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Meditation is a powerful tool utilized for stress control, its ability to increase focus, as well as assisting an individual to find a more purposeful life. It is the most powerful mental and nerve tonic available today. This 50 minute private session is for you if you wish to learn simple techniques to bring into your everyday life, or would like to strengthen your current practice.

What you can expect:

Detailed assessment to support a new practice or your current practice.

A tailored program to meet you in your current lifestyle.

An e-report specifically designed from your session highlighting the practices taught.

Once you book your consultation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours with available dates and times to schedule your session.


Package rate:  $495 for 5 session reflecting a savings of $100.  Call to reserve a space.

Price: $125.00