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Many questions come up about the brain during our healing power of meditation trainings and I thought to post a brief section from our evening talk.  So allow me to give you a brief overview of the layers of what is sometimes referred to as the triune brain.  The most evolved layer, the prefrontal cortex, gets activated when we self reflect on questions like,  "Who Am I?" and "How do I or can I make a difference of the world?" Its role involves self-reflection.  The cortex envelops the next layer, the limbic system, which becom

A medical professional recently brought to my attention a very fundamental issue with regard to a habit that I personally had to look deeply within to release.  The need to "fix" someone.  We know that health care providers are truly giving and caring people.  We also know that if we are not feeling well or have come into a recent crisis, that experiencing someone who cares and wants to help us is a great relief.  However, there is a difference between helping someone get emotionally well and to trying  to fix them.  To help someone get well is to offer them t


With the increasing demand of people wanting to teach skills to assist in stress reduction, part of our meditation teacher training program has been formatted online.  We are beginning our second online meditation training tomorrow night, June 5th at 7PM.  We will begin by covering the evidence-based protocols that support meditation and it's practices in health care settings.  Our goal is to make meditation and the stress reduction techniques available in a secular training.  So far, so good.  People are enjoying th


Set your intention for what you want and set lifestyle habits to make that happen. One lifestyle habit to create is the practice of meditation.  When we meditate we have access to our soul – that deepest part of who we are.   If you think that Meditation is about stress management, getting away from it all; it is not.   Meditation is actually getting in touch with your deepest self and not getting away from it all!  It guides you so that you can access a place of healing and balance.

Food Awareness

Awareness of one’s thoughts and actions can be very useful in understanding how food affects our consciousness. When we live with balance we are able to balance our food intake and food choices with our activity levels both physically and mentally. If you have a day where you are going to be doing a lot of creative writing, your diet might be different than if you are starting off with a hike. When you are looking at diet and nutrition at this level; then you are ready to deal with food and its effect on consciousness.